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Let's get adventurous and talk about role play, or maybe better role play lingerie. I came across Bæd Stories, a very tastefully done role play lingerie brand from Ukraine.

The collections from Bæd Stories are beautifully crafted, provocative styling with interesting cuts and details adds a touch of mystery to each and every ensemble. The play of chains and frills and lace and feathers, the drama in every piece is perfect for some, break the monotony, role play fun.

Bæd stories was created by two ladies Valerie and Anna. The brand is a symbiosis of creative aesthetic provocation, permanent researches and well-thought-out balanced decision.

Anna is the brand’s designer and thought leader and Valerie is the brain of this project as well as managing director. Bæd stories is a young brand, which was created only 2.5 years ago and it is being actively developed both in the Ukrainian market and outside.

As the founders put it,

"Role-playing game is a very intimate experiment where the more details are worked out the lighter and the more interesting may be the scenario. The main idea and goal of the brand is to let women with different tastes and forms find the image in which she feels sexy, aesthetic, and self-confident."

Before starting out on their journey to this industry they meticulously studied the market and they felt there is a vacuum waiting to be filled in. They found a void in high quality and not vulgar role-playing lingerie – it became their challenge!

I believe lingerie is not just a piece of clothing, it is a means of self expression and can also facilitate a lot of fun (in the boudoir) ;). I also believe it takes courage to design such strong and bold pieces, and doing so aesthetically is a winner. While browsing through their collection, I couldn't stop but notice the creativity.

While being asked about the story behind the name for the brand, this is what the founders shared,

"Our idea is explained by the name itself “baed stories” in the word-play bad and bed stories. We are creating role-play provocation images for bed experiments. In our assortment are represented both classic and beloved roles and atypical images that excite the imagination."

The brand mostly has young women as customers who are bold and are looking forward to some fun and spice without compromising on taste. According to statistics for the year 2019, women from 52 countries and 5 continents visited their online shop, these are women who want to be confident, sexual, and creative. The collections displayed on the online shop is exciting enough to inspire their customers and motivated them to own and complete the collections.

In order to promote their products, they use online marketing and social media. They participate in international relevant fairs and soon will be organising their first collection in collaboration with the biggest brand (it is secret now), which is producing lux leather bandages and accessories. 

The brand believes in creating and selling emotions, impressions, and an intimate experience, a unique story for every customer.

When asked about the future vision for the label, this is what they have in mind,

"It is important for us to work in two main directions: creative approach and specialness as well as quantity of people, which will be a part of our history and will create their own story with our help."

The founders like modern tendencies, especially the trend with lingerie for woman's comfort. If they were less in love with their line of role-plays lingerie, they would make something super comfortable and casual for sure. Besides, this summer they turned out the first collection of casual basic lingerie «MOON».

Follow the brand:

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