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Updated: Jul 14, 2019


A brand that’s fun, perky and sure to brighten up your mood . . . That’s BEAU. Beau is out to offer some very exciting undies to women. The most interesting feature on their website is the subscription option. Let the pretty undies keep coming, month on month.

The Co-Founders- Gina Harrison and Shirley Wong

The Co-Founders of Beau are Gina Harrison and Shirley Wong. They both attended UC Santa Barbara which is where they met and became sorority sisters. And both seem to be enjoying their life as well as their work, while creating the brand.

They both come across as women who love life and their jobs. Shirley has a background in sales, is a social butterfly, enjoys spicy (super spicy) food, and dislikes unorganised or messy spaces as well as seafood (it’s a shame!).

And Gina has a background in Art History and Architecture, is a wife to a chef, a mother to a 4 year old daughter as well as a 9 week old American Eskimo puppy named Ziggy!

How did Beau start?? So Gina puts it,

“One night I was having a girls night and the topic of underwear came up. All of us realised we shop at one place for our underwear – something we wear and need every day. We realised we weren’t really satisfied with the designs nor the limitations of other alternative underwear brands. Also we wanted a different place to shop for beautiful, yet affordable undies, but we didn’t know where to start. We also hated going to the mall just to refresh out undie drawers, so that’s when the idea of conveniently delivered, affordable, and gorgeous undies came to mind!”

Isn’t that interesting and fun!! The brand started while having fun, sure it had to be a happy brand. The designs, colours, look and feel only spell happiness.


Beau Undies is majorly designed in-house. The focus is on creating beautiful pieces without sacrificing comfort. All their pieces are designed around the philosophy that everyday basics don’t have to be boring. The designs at Beau are both highly aesthetic and functional.

Also they are very focused on who their customer is.

In Gina’s words“The designs are geared for the modern female that wants to feel confident and sexy in gorgeous undies, feel comfortable in them, and not be over-spending to enjoy them. The modern woman also is limited in time and enjoys a more convenient way to shop which is why we provide a subscription service that delivers undies straight to your door every month without having to think about it. We promote out products online and at various pop up events at this time.”

Their future plans include taking all the lessons they learned in their first year in business to help them maximise their growth and sales in the next business year ahead.


They plan to take Beau to new heights by increasing their product line with more designs, bralettes, and other merchandise associated with our brand and customers lifestyle. They also plan to expand their sizes so they can truly provide to all women. It’s all in due time, but it is definitely in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

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