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Bohemian Beach

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Bohemian fashion is something you just cannot ignore . . . and that is exactly what happened when I came across this insta account for handmade beach wear. Boho inspired and only crochet. Very refreshing to see the beautiful pieces handmade by Nadia Walmsley. The crochet bikini’s she makes are juts breathtaking.

Nadia Wamsley

Nadia Walmsley, spent her childhood in Victoria British Columbia. She stated traveling to tropical locales in early 20s, met and fell for a Maui Beachboy/Licensed contractor and the rest is Hawaii history.

Trained originally as a pharmacy technologist, she never felt the love for the field. She was always drawn back to opportunities in the fashion industry. She has been drawing and designing since she was probably 8. Her vision for this fledgling company is to have the ability to create larger quantities at the quality she expects. She currently has to turn down some orders due to the amount requested and she is the sole creator.

Nadia started creating these beautiful pieces out of need. Living in a warm climate, having limited availability for crochet beachwear, bikinis and bralettes available in her size and quality made her decide to make them herself.

The bikini’s she made for herself were an instant hit and she finally started to make some for others in Maui. At the same time she started to a promote her products on social media. She started getting orders on social media and Boho Brach Creations started.

Nadia makes sure her bikinis fit her clients well. She customises each piece with exact body measurements. The yarn she use has limited stretch so this is important. She believes in making the piece wearable verses just looking great. She makes sure to use quality materials, this ensures that her pieces will last for years if property taken care of.

Her customers are from all across the globe, people who relax In geothermal pools in Iceland as well as clients from Australia for the beach, Spain the resort,  Thailand, England, France, South and North America for the music festivals. But her start was Hawaii for sure, they were the first.

She promotes and sells on Instagram as well as Facebook. Nadia plans to to open her own website in the coming year. She also plans to expand into romantic styles, swimwear, loungewear as well as an extended bridal line.



https://www.facebook.com/nadia.walmsley.5 #swimwear #bikini #beachwearbikini #crochet #hawaii #beachwear

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