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Bouncing Breasts and the Sports Bra

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

We would all remember Pamela Anderson in the popular series, Baywatch, running in slow motion to help a swimmer in distress. Her bouncing breasts are a sight we would all live with, but not a sign of discomfort or pain on her face. And then we have legends like Violette Morris who gave away the boobs to be a better racer and athlete.

But the fact is that bouncing boobs can be very uncomfortable and painful, and lead to permanent sagging of your twosome. The breasts have no muscles, they sit on the pectoral muscle, but on their own they are just fatty tissue and ligaments. So the fact is the most support provided to breasts is by the skin around it, which itself is elastic in nature.

The first commercially available sports bra was the “Free Swing Tennis Bra” introduced by Glamorise Foundations, Inc. in 1975.

In 1977 Lisa Lindahl and theater costume designer Polly Smith designed the first general excerisce br, they actually sewed two jockstraps together and nicknamed it a “jockbra” later it was renamed as “jogbra”.

In 1990 Playtex purchased Jogbra from Lisa and her partners. This was followed by research by Christine Haycock, associate professor of surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She measured breast movement of women running on treadmills. Sought out by bra manufacturers for her expertise, she advocated wide bottom bands for extra support and firm straps that minimized breasts bounce.

Today women have an overwhelming choice of sports bras available in the market. But keeping in mind that Bra Sizing is imprecise, confusing and variable, one needs to be very careful in selecting the right kind and right size of sports bra.

The sports bras today work on two principles, the Encapsulation Sports Bra, where there are two individual cups that surround and separate each breast separately, and the other is the Compression Sports Bra, which compress the breasts against the chest wall to reduce movement. The compression bras work well until the B cup size, but for bigger cups it is advisable to go for the encapsulation bra.

Also look for advanced features like anti skid straps and moisture absorbent fabrics. As far as the fit goes, a sports bra should be slightly tighter than your regular bra but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Today the sports bra is as much about per formance as the look.

Below is my selection of some trendy and super performance sports bras. Click on the images to shop.

Berli Underwire Crop $ 59.95

Bonds Sports Bra $ 25

Berli U/W Sports Bra $ 59.95

Moulded Sports Bra $ 30.5

Zipped Sports Bra £ 28.00

Lightweight Sports Bra $ 36.50

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