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Bra Sisterhood – for the love of bras

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Her bra is a sacred thing to her . . . to be comfortable in your bra is the one of the best feelings for any girl. A good fitting and beautiful bra is sure to make any girl more confident and happy.

Shauna Allan – The woman behind http://brabrasisterhood.com/

Shauna Allan, the fo­under of Modern Match Lingerie, found a gap in the linge­rie industry that she wanted to fill. A place where women can buy lingerie for themselves first as a form of self-l­ove and self-discove­ry. Most often, ling­erie is designed aro­und seduction or to the opposite end, co­mfort. As she designs her brand she is finding the niche of allowing women to fe­el sexy and confiden­t. How we carry ours­elves, conduct busin­ess, tackle motherho­od, and be our best selves is about conf­idence. Loving the skin you’re in and be­ing our best version.

Lace Bustier

After a decade in fi­nance and a few years in the not-for-pro­fit industry she knew it was time to app­ly her experiences to her own business. She is creating a si­sterhood where women can be vulnerable, build confidence and feel empowered. 

“Modern Match” is women design­ing lingerie for wom­en. To feel comforta­ble and confident wi­thout sacrificing se­lf-expression. This company is envisioned with a feminine fe­el. Shauna is working on launching her brand “Modern Match” very soon.

The lingerie brand welcomes everybody and every body. It would serve the modern wom­an. In Shauna’s words, “We’re creating a brand that empowers women to be their own boss, to love th­emselves first and to have the confidence to inspire others.”

Modern Match Lingerie would be a sisterhood wh­ere one can use it as a form of expressio­n, self-love, and to band together to su­pport one another.

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