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ColieCo – Ethical & Fun Lingerie

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

It’s always a wonderful experience to meet a lingerie enthusiast. Lingerie designers making a difference in the exciting world of lingerie. Here’s another exciting story of Nicole Neaber. She is the founder of ColieCo Lingerie. Educated at Leeds Arts University with a BA (hons) degree in Fashion Design.

She says, she always had a keen interest in lingerie and contour design alongside ethical manufacturing. After she finished her studies she did some industry jobs. To furthe her knowledge and experience in both of these areas. Gradually she moved on to her dream. To take ColieCo from a part-time hobby to a fully-fledged start-up.

She operates from her studio in Portugal. Striving to expand her work creating ethical lingerie and swimwear. It’s really fascinating so see such vibrant and colorful lingerie that is also ethically manufactured.

You can follow the blog on https://coliecolingerie.com/pages/ethical-product-attributes.  Read more about the manufacturing standards. Trust me it’s an amazing direction and thought. That I haven’t seen much in lingerie startups.

Nicole’s idea behind ColieCo Lingerie is to merge striking lingerie design with ethical and eco friendly manufacturing practices. ColieCo collections are fun and outgoing, but the garments are also sustainable and made to last.

ColieCo customers are able to choose different prints, mix and match styles and send in their measurements for custom-made items. The idea behind this approach is to encourage the customer to really connect with the garments they order. To be a part of the process to create something that is just right for them.

When she works on designs, she normally has the fabric that she wants to work with in mind before she starts. Whether it is the organic bamboo jersey, digitally printed scuba or recycled polyester (RPET). She references the human body in her designs, following natural curves or accentuating with architectural lines.

Her garments are well structured and made to last. Each design normally goes through a few iterations before she settles on the right balance between the aesthetic and the architecture.

ColieCo’s customers are from all over the globe! There are still stigmas around lingerie shopping in some parts of the world and ordering online is one way lingerie enthusiasts can shop privately and comfortably.

The brand offers extravagant mesh designs to bamboo jersey basics. And the option for customers to send in custom measurements and special requirements makes ColieCo Lingerie accessible to everybody. https://coliecolingerie.com/pages/custom-orders. Check out their customer review section on the website and it is sure to impress you.

A lot of customers find them through social media, particularly on Instagram. Also their web shop offers a lot more information behind the brand and the blog keeps customers up-to-date and aware of what is happening behind the scenes!

Nicole wants ColieCo to continue to make all items in-house (one of their core values). She believes in training local people on sewing skills. Working with other independent artists and visionaries is also on her agenda. Exploring other eco friendly fabrics, and continuing to learn.

Follow the brand and the founder:

  1. https://www.facebook.com/ColieCoStudios

  2. https://www.instagram.com/colieco_lingerie/

  3. https://www.facebook.com/nicole.coates.5623

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