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Atelier 1904, a refreshing lingerie label by Alison, who wanted to combine all three, Comfort, femininity and refinement. The label believes in combining luxury and authenticity. . . striking a balance between Art craftsmanship and eco-design.

Atelier 1904 manufactures several unique pieces by reusing old fabrics to give them a second life.

Each model is created with a very precise charter: Beauty, femininity, refinement, comfort and quality of fabric and manufacturing.

All the French craftsmanship put at the service of women for their greatest pleasures.

Each customer has the possibility of having a lingerie made to her measurements which perfectly outlines her curves.

Alison's idea behind creating the brand Atelier 1904 was to design pieces that are beautiful while being comfortable. She does not believe in underwires and padded cups or push ups. Her collection has a subtle romance in every piece, a pristine charm.

It was encouraging to see she offers sizes going upto 46 band size and a D cup size. So shopping on her website would surely be a treat for the big cup size women who struggle to find a pretty bra in their size.

Alison is the creator of the lingerie brand ATELIER 1904. She grew up in Brittany where she learned the arts, drawing and sewing from a very young age. She is attached to the traditions and the beauty of her country. She learned her trade as a dressmaker in Paris where she worked in the most beautiful fashion houses, including CHANEL, DIOR and Shiaparelli.

The respect of a female body and nature is one of her preoccupations that's why the identity of her brand is very ethical and responsible with an artisanal know-how coming from her past as a dressmaker.

The Bras Collection

Over the years working as a seamstress, she ended up being bored in her job. As a creative and entrepreneurial soul she knew she had to do much more. It wasn't enough for her to create other people's ideas, she had to dress women with her ideas. So she resigned from her position at CHANEL, she left the capital and she started, not without difficulty, as an entrepreneur.

Luxury, Grace, Sophistication, Fantasy . . . This is what comes to mind when you see what brand Delannika has to offer to lingerie lovers. Read More . . .


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