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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Sofia Luzon – The face behind the brand
Sofia Luzon, it seems, is a master at using the delicacy and intricacy of laces to design strong and bold pieces. Being an art graduate, uses art as her inspiration. She studied Art History at the university.

Though always interested in fashion but she never seriously considered making a career out of it. After finishing her education she started the process of creating Sofia Luzon (while working as a freelance to fund it!).

She also spent a year interning with a local designer, and she learned a lot from him. They worked on something new almost every day, from menswear to bridal gowns!

The logo

She discovered her love for lingerie, thanks to The Lingerie Addict blog. Sofia was quick  to connect her two passions sewing and lingerie. Her mission is to bring back a sense of art to the world of lingerie design.

This project of creating Sofía Luzón arose from her desire to design visually appealing lingerie that is ethically made, with high quality materials. Her long-term goals is to own a dedicated sewing studio with enough space to act as a showroom or even as a shop, and to hire someone to help her with the business.

The inspiration behind her designs is heavily influenced by her art history background: her favourite artists, writers and filmmakers are always a part of her designs. Another art history-related element that she uses in her collections is Mythology. She is fascinated by ancient myths and likes to give each of her collections a background story! Her designs demonstrate timeless elegance, darkly romantic is how she describes her design philosophy.

Every piece of Sofia Luzon is handmade in Barcelona using carefully selected fabrics. She also offers customisation options so that everybody can have a truly couture experience.

Since she fully agrees with the Fashion Revolution movement, she wants to reduce the negative impact of her clothes on the environment. She sources all her supplies within Europe (some of them from local factories in Barcelona!), and they all abide by the Oeko-Tex Standard. She makes everything to-order, so she doesn’t have overproduction and that also allows her to customise her designs to the customer’s taste and needs.

At this time, her customers are mainly from USA and UK, and a few from Barcelona, France and Australia! Most of her customers are women that are looking for high-end lingerie from indie brands, so they are looking for more sustainable options instead of opting for the bigger not-so-ethical brands.

Right now she promotes her brand mainly through Instagram and sells online. Although she looks forward to having her physical store someday!

In the next few years she expects to grow her business by having more international customers. She would also expand the sizes she offers, especially for underwired bras. This is something she is unable to do at the moment due to budget limitations.  She is always working on finding more sustainable and innovative materials to work with.

Sofia believes that the lingerie industry, as well as the fashion industry, is fast in the last few years. People are open to online buying. Internet has given a lot of people the possibility to open a shop without the added costs of renting a physical space. So the lingerie world is becoming more heterogeneous. It is easier for people to buy from international brands, and the number of new designers is growing!

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