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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

She firmly believes that her knowledge gained over the subjects of architecture greatly helped her. Because what’s more architectural than a corset? It’s all about the structure. Corsets are the only garments that make the body adapt to them in a drastic way, rather than the opposite.

She spent almost 3 years in London mastering the art of corset making and perfecting her sewing skills, learning from the masters.

She had the chance to work on high end and luxury designers’ garments, but eventually decided to move back to Italy to focus on bringing up her own brand Hebi Corsets.

Hebi Corsets has been, and still is in major part, a made to measure, bespoke label, focused on bringing to life her customers’ ideas and visions in corsetry.

An aware corset customer would know the pain of finding a ready-to-wear corset that not only appeals to the individual design sense but also suits the body shape, and same was the case with Cristina.

She started creating corsets for herself due to the struggle to find ready-to-wear corsets catering to her body shape (wide hips and small waist). Especially in a small city like Genova. Gradually she moved to offering her services to local clients who were experiencing the same issue with standard sizes. This later evolved into creating original designs especially for each one of them.

She strongly believes that being able to add a personal touch to such an intimate garment, as the corset, adds value to the whole experience of owning and wearing a corset. Now that she is designing her own line of styles, she still works very closely with her clients. She works to customize each corset to the customers taste and shape, using the original design as a guide.

Although she believes the mesh and precious are here to stay, but there’s too much to be done in corset fashion. As the community of makers is very wide and diverse in style and aesthetic. Her personal style in playing with colors and transparency blocks. Breaking the standard symmetric compositions, and that is her design signature.

The corset customers are still scarce but growing by the day. Most of Hebi’s customers are first-time corset owners, people who are still naïve in their corset wearing experience. Touch, feel and trials are very important for these customers. Gradually these customers turn into loyal customers who treat themselves to a new, precious corset every year; crossdressers wanting something effective in creating a feminine silhouette; professional models that need the stunning piece to give a fierce touch to their wardrobe.

Keep a lookout at the instagram page @hebicorsets. Christina believes in rewarding her regular clients with special discounts every now and then.

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