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Inner Confidence – Lena-Lena

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

A brand that encourages women to experiment. Yes, that’s “Lena-Lena” by Elena Urumova. She designs for the brand and her strong design philosophy is very visible in the beautiful pieces the brand offers. Elena started this brand about 5 years ago with her partner Kaloyan Toshev.

Elena Urumova

She always wanted to be a fashion designer. But, she ended up studying Public Administration and Management instead, but never graduated. It was the summer after her last year studying, when she decided ‘now or never’. So she quit her job and started working on the Lena-Lena project. It took her 4 months to prepare everything and Lena-Lena was online. The brand had an amazing start since day 1. She started Lena-Lena Lingerie because she wanted to be happy with her job and satisfied with her life path. It has been 5 years now and she for sure has no regrets!!

Lena-Lena – the workspace

Lena-Lena Lingerie has a design stamp of its own. You see a Lena-Lena piece and you know it. The most impressive detailing in the designs are the crisp and unusual cuts and silhouettes. Also it is very admirable that most of the pieces can be adjusted as per an individuals body shape and size.

Elena says, “Lena-Lena Lingerie aims to make women more confident, help them become braver by trying lingerie that is not usually in their style. Lingerie is the most intimate part of the dressing and only you and your closest ones know what you’re wearing.

Love the deep cut back . . .

This lets you experiment and gives you the confidence to be someone else – a stronger you, a more defiant you. We want to break the status quo that sexy is not comfortable and vice versa. You can be both sexy and comfortable with a curve-hugging design and soft mesh or delicate lace”.

If you visit the website it is wonderful to know the attention to quality. The brands claims that the products are subject to multiple tests. The material’s tolerance to delicate skin is excellent. All products are made using high quality threads  ensuring their long life. The pieces are also easy to maintain as they are easily washable in the machine.


Most of the designs from Lena-Lena play Jackal and Hyde, they look simple and then they have a naughty detail somewhere.

Lena- Lena

Evidently the designer loves to play with sheers and create a mystery around the curves and confidence of the female body.

They do not promote the brand aggressively. They believe in returning customers and so far they have had many happy customers who are loyal to the brand. Customer service is very important to them and they believe in treating their customers like family.

They intend to stay small for now because they enjoy being able to satisfy their clients’ needs and to treat them with attention and care. It is what they value most and what makes them happy with their work.

They sell through their website www.lena-lena.com, Etsy platform and sometimes people come to their atelier and buy directly from them. More and more brides-to-be are choosing their lingerie for the wedding or for the honeymoon. And they love being part of everybody’s special day!

Elena also keenly follows the lingerie design evolution over the years, as she says, “Historically you can find good designs in every fashion period. Lingerie is definitely one of those things that has gone through radical redesign due to some world ideological changes. You can easily note the difference of the material, colour and style. Not only the look is changing, but also the idea and concept behind it. Lena-Lena is inspired by the good old fashion design, which is not just attractive but practical as well. Personally I am a fan of the 40s-50s lingerie styles. Those people knew how to create style and aesthetic!”

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