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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

She is all of 28 years old and look what she created . . . luxury lingerie that is breathtaking!!

Federica Parmeggiani Luxury Lingerie

Federica Parmeggiani

Super smitten by this lovely luxury lingerie brand, Federica Parmeggiani. The brand is handmade in Naples, Italy.

She comes from a family of doctors, but that didn’t stop her from following what she loved.

After graduating from high school she enrolled in a haute couture academy in Rome where she completed the first 3 years of her studies.

Later she worked with some Roman ateliers to gain experience. She got the chance to work as an assistant for a film and theatre costume designer. During a Burlesque festival, she designed helped the designer with designing corsets.

That was it, she was extremely fascinated by the world of lingerie. She then went to Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, to study further on the subject of lingerie.

She followed her passion further and founded a lingerie brand, designed and built by her, which is “Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie “

Currently she retails through her online shop, and ships all over the world.

Brigitte - Babydoll Luxury Lingerie

Brigitte – Babydoll

The operational base is in Naples. She personally takes care of the creative and sartorial part and the research of fabrics for the collections.

As for the creative bit, she get a lot of inspiration from the fabrics.Having a high fashion training, she believes that the fabric is fundamental in the development of a product. The texture and its characteristics are very important to consider.

She believes that fabrics can communicate something, a feeling, a state of mind, even remembering a historical epoch. Attention to small details is the main element that characterises her collections.

Irina - Body Luxury Lingerie

Irina – Body

Nicole - Body Luxury Lingerie

Nicole – Body

In her future projects she plans to expand the distribution channels with single-brand stores and also expand her production by inserting clothing. In fact she is already working on clothing, in her collection for last year she has already included some items that lend themselves to be worn as such.

Audrey - Top

Audrey – Top

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