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Mariesa Mae – Sexy on the Inside

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Sexy on the Inside . . . nothing can describe the brand Mariesa Mae better than this.
She got into making and designing lingerie whilst she was living in Sydney performing as a Burlesque dancer. She always had a lingerie obsession and started to make her own costumes and the label grew from there. People would ask her where she got her outfits from and she started making things for them. Then came the pop-up stalls at burlesque events which led her onto deciding to focus all of her energy into the creation of the label.

Without any formal education in fashion or lingerie, she followed her passion to build the brand. Her designs are proof enough of her talents. 🙂

All she wanted to do at 16 was to go to college and do a BTEC in fashion. However, she was taken off her course by her teachers who guided her onto doing A’Levels. She did 4 A’levels in English, Sociology, Art and Textiles and then went on to do a degree in English Literature. Although, she often wishes that she hadn’t listened to those teachers and done what was right for her. Having the technical skill and foundation in garment making would have certainly made this whole process much easier for her. But nonetheless, her passion made her achieve what she desired.

For Mariesa, the creation of her label is about a lifestyle choice and a personal growth project as much as anything else.

Mariesa is very passionate about the brand message which is the ‘sexyontheinside’ initiative. In her own words, “This conflict between what you feel internally and what you feel you must portray to the outside world. So much emphasis is put on the external and women build their idea of what’s sexy from that. I guess my viewpoint is the antithesis of Victoria’s Secrets where it’s all about perfect bodies and perfect hair. The whole thing about being sexy is that it is something you must feel inside. As soon as you genuinely feel that way inside, you connect to the source of your personal power and you inevitably become ‘sexy’.”

The label is very much based Mariesa’s own life. She is her own muse! The label was started while she was dancing and performing burlesque so the heritage of the brand definitely draws from there.

She says, “For me personally when I was performing, I never felt confident, or good enough and was constantly comparing myself to other girls and that’s partly where the ‘sexyontheinside’ idea came from. The contradiction that on stage I could act sexy and pretend to be sexy, but that I never felt or embodied it authentically. Through my own journey of self acceptance, growth and learning to love and honour who I am, I feel like I want to be able to help, support and encourage all women to be able to arrive at this place where they are 100% crazy about who they are.”

Mariesa Mae the brand has a very strong design direction and Mariesa is the ones who designs. Quality and affordability combined together is the aim.

This is what Mariesa has to say about the deisgn philosophy of the brand, “We make design driven garments that are versatile and embody current trends. Our designs are playful and provocative and cross over into outerwear, clubwear and festival trends. Our design encapsulates our brand message which is – free spirit, wild, adventurous, goddess.”

Lola ‘n’ Leather Silk Satin Convertible strapless Contour Dress

This is what Mariesa says about her customers, ” Back in the early days, our audience was very targeted to women who loved and followed burlesque. We had varied audience coming to our shows from the more alternative artsy girls , to the corporate lawyers who loved the whole vibe. Since I’ve been selling online more, my customers are from all over the world.

90’s Crush Choker bra and Highwaist knicker set

The brand started off selling through platforms like Etsy, but now she sells exclusively through her online store. She promote the products mainly using instagram and other social media channels.

When asked about the future for the brand, “There is still so much to do and a long way to go. I have so many idea’s for new collections and I would like to continue to grow the label. Next year I plan to start offering our collections in more sizes. Although I offer made to order services for bigger sizes, I would like to start increasing the size offerings available on the website.”

Mariesa wants to build a sustainable and ethical label, whilst continuing to grow and build the business. She would like for the, #sexyontheinside initiative to build momentum and become a means whereby she can help young women, whether through supporting a charity or getting involved to continue to make changes and improving the future for all women.

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