Pleasurements – Love Isn’t Blind

Updated: Jul 14, 2019


The House of Pleasurements is every woman´s paradise. A lingerie boutique, gorgeously decorated in a classic, monumental building in Amsterdam’s most authentic shopping street, the Herenstraat.

BORDELLE – The Best Seller

As the name suggests, Pleasurements is a  concept store selling erotic inspiration, ranging from lingerie to sensual accessories. Even the tagline of the shop “love isn’t blind,” made me giggle a little.
Rebecca van der Wurff – The Founder

Rebecca van der Wurff is the founder of Pleasurements. She studied at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and she founded Pleasurements during one of her assignments. While she always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never expected that Pleasurements would become such a hit.

Pleasurements Collection

She started Pleasurements because she always was passionated about lingerie. Her very first jobs were in lingerie boutiques, but she was always in search for something different, more luxurious. She explored the world in search for the most special and exclusive lingerie brands in which she felt beautiful. And it was difficult to find everything in just one boutique or there were brands that did not ship worldwide. And she thought that if she experienced this difficulties, other women would experience the same.