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SADA by Sarah Dawson

Updated: Jul 14, 2019


Sarah Dawson was born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. She attended Fashion Industries High School and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Majored in Fashion Design and specialised in the Intimate Apparel program. Sarah comes from a very artistic and creative family and art has been her first love. She has been drawing her whole life and believes that Fashion Design crash landed into her life when she was around 12 and she has been dedicated to it ever since. 

The Designer – SARAH DAWSON

Sada has technically been around since she was about 14 years old. She made up the brand name “Sada” using the first two letters of her first name and the first two letters of her last name. She began to throw it on social media platforms, the name became catchy and people began to associate it with her and the pieces she was making. At that time she was making evening dresses and urban wear. She was young and didn’t know exactly what the exact look she wanted just yet to define her brand. 

When she began to learn about intimate apparel she fell in love with it. She realised that all that she had worked on in the past was leading up to her doing intimate apparel. Her attention to detail and feminine pride was a perfect formula for intimates and it was what made her feel the most creative and happy. Sada by Sarah came to life once she decided to make custom fit lingerie pieces for clients. The main story behind Sada by Sarah is making her clients feel confident. Confidence is a super power and she believes, she can help her customers find it within themselves. She makes that effort through her work.  On her website you can find a beautiful quote by her . . .

“…it doesn’t have to be about looking sexy for someone else its about expressing your own confidence and comfortability as a beautiful person. Confidence in yourself is beauty in itself.”  

The brand is all about confidence. Sarah encourages her customers to be comfortable with their body, even if they feel it is not perfect. She works closely with her customers to ensure they get what they want, but also ensures nothing is taken away from the integrity of her brand. Sada has a vintage feminine look with modern details added to it. Most pieces show off the curves and bring out the inner super woman in every woman.

Moving forward she is planning to have a studio space with a showroom to meet with clients. Also she is working on a few basic pieces that can soon be purchased directly from the site that will be made to order. Sarah believes that the future for Sada will be nothing less than amazing! Amen to that 🙂 !!



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