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Bespoke lingerie service which specialises in exquisite craftsmanship and fitting excellence. We celebrate the uniqueness of each woman by offering a tailored to size service.  

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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Shamelessly displayed lingerie in a huge store window shocked as well as intrigued me. I stared at the window, the pink lace draped around a black metal structure looked gorgeous and risqué. While I watched, there were these flamboyant and pretty looking things, I did not understand.

While munching on my roasted chestnuts that I had just bought around the corner from the young boy, I entered the store. Wowwww!!!!! What store is this??? This is how I was introduced to the colossal world of sex toys. I spent more than an hour, audaciously in the store, gaping, admiring and at times giggling!!!

I was mighty pleased with my newfound knowledge and synchronized research that I carried out in the store for over an hour.

I moved out of the store and resumed my walk on the Oxford, stopping at times to check the vibrant souvenir stores. I always enjoyed my solitary walks in lands unknown.

I was getting a tad hackneyed walking on the Oxford, so decided to take a turn on a quieter road. On walking a few steps I’m welcomed to another bustle of people, but it was far more designer and highbrow in nature. The group of people that stood in front of this colonial building instantaneously intrigued me. I saw the name PALLADIUM in gold written on the head of the building and posters that said KING & I. Oh!! Oh!! I know this guy on the poster, it was Saeed Jaffrey and I just decided to go and watch the show.

My introduction to the world of musicals!!! I bought a ticket and entered the theatre. A stiff handsome Englishman escorted me to my seat and I realized, not only was I the youngest but also the most underdressed in the entire auditorium. I guess it was not normal to just walk in to watch a musical while taking a walk. I secretly enjoyed my status quo and settled in my seat to witness an overwhelming performance.

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