Summer & Peach – Refreshingly Minimalist

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

A very refreshing and effortless online store for the Asian women, that I came across recently is Summer & Peach.

Summer & Peach Online Lingerie store displays a wonderful array of minimalist collection. Their collection is in mostly basic colors of nudes/ grays/ blacks and whites, but there in no compromise on the element of beauty. Each piece is super feminine, and you would want to grab it as soon as you see it.

You can see a very well-balanced use of silk fabrics with delicate laces to create the delicate pieces.

As they put it:

“From the struggle of putting up with bulky bras that sometimes feel a tad too pushy, comes a woman’s take on quality lingerie that’s pleasing to the eyes and better yet, your body. At SUMMER & PEACH, what’s beautiful is also comfortable.
We may not be able to help you find the perfect prince to hold you in their arms, but we have something better — ideal intimates that will be there to embrace you every day.”

And you look at the collection and you know what they mean, the pieces look like breeze, the colors, the cuts, the materials all look soft, subtle and comfortable.

Other than the bras and panties they have a collection of lounge-wear and lingerie accessories as well. A very simple but curated collection, totally in line with their brand philosophy of simple, elegant and comfortable.

The customer at Summer & Peache is fashion forward and are looking for fashionable and comfy innerwear which meets their needs for style and function. The online store organises promotions and giveaways once in a while for customer engagement and promoting trials.

To sum it up the brand believes in minimalist design with neutral shades and they believe that lingerie is a garment not to be hidden, it serves as a fashion piece to complement the daily outfits.

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