The Secret Word to Heaven - Nevaeh

According to "The Triangle Book by Count of St. Germain", Nevaeh is the secret word to unlock the gates of paradise. This is where Melissa got the inspiration for her super sexy lingerie label. The label puts together a collection of bold and elegantly erotic pieces. The design direction blends in soft with risque to create some delectable lingerie.

As Melissa puts it,

"I enjoy engaging the senses; interests were sparked in my teen years when I began sewing underpinnings for friends. Wearing them out to events or dancing in the NYC night clubs. I knew this form of expression was for me, being able to accent / bring forth an empowering sexual energy from the soul of the wearer is magical."
During this time I started flirting with the idea of pieces accentuating and enhancing the figure. I began to learn from two of my best friends mothers who were seamstresses. From here I moved to Manhattan to pursue my passion. Studying in New York and graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising degree.

While talking to Melissa you can feel the dreamer, the free spirit, her choice of words, her manner of expression ... of course there has to be immense creativity in anything she does.

She explored event and fashion show production while attending and upon graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Assisted with all aspects from creation, castings, to calling of the show working with all types of Fashion brands from Oscar De la Renta, John Varvattos, Betsey Johnson, to Anna Sui .

She has always been influenced by New York City’s raw edge, hopeless romantic vibe, glamour, music (especially Punk, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Funk , and Blues), art, poetry(Beatniks, Godard) and fashion (Halston/McQueen).

Nevaeh is a brand fused by erotic tones and elegant versatility that celebrates the passion a woman brings to this world. The women of Nevaeh are not waiting for the right occasion . . . they are creating them. The rebirth of the babe!

An American Made luxury boudoir brand created to introduce a femme fatale concept rooted in empowering seduction. It is the brand's mission to create sensual detailed styles through craftsmanship and responsible production for all types of babes, vixens, and beauties!

I particularly 'am awestruck with the naught detailing with a twist of subtle charm and elegance.

The Scarlett longline bralette is my personal favourite, i loved the unusual play of colors and materials, how they work together to create a beautiful and effortless piece.

When asked about the design philosophy of the brand, this is what Melissa had to say,

"Identifying lingerie as a conversation between boldness and beauty, eroticism and elegance the philosophy stems from the wearer themselves as they are a work of art, lending us their canvas to accent and adorn. Together we are creating and fulfilling desires along with fantasies."

Fabrics and trims for the brand are globally sourced with a majority coming from Austria, France, and Italy.

Ethical production facilities are used throughout the design process from concept to production.

Currently the brand caters to sizes xs-xl and 32/34/36 bands in bras. While they do work with their customers to develop certain sizing in case the demand arises.

Nevaeh sells through boutiques both offline and online, social platforms, their own website, and Pop Up’s. Each season they also attend and showcase at the lingerie trade shows during Lingerie Market week in NYC.

Talking about her customers Melissa says,

"Our customers gratefully are just how we hoped unique and beautiful all ages, curves, ethnicities bonding through passions, and the element of playful surprise."

On the horizon is the launch of their new Collection ”Reel Women” worn by SuperModel Brandi Quinones.


Inspired by Pam Grier and Betty Davis's empowering roles, "REEL WOMEN" combines toughness with extraordinary beauty. Calling upon gutsy, brassy, powerful, creative, independent, females who stand up for their rights and have a fire in them to change history. Fabrics play off of this hard/soft theme through a calendar finishing technique used on top of recycled embroidery, giving the effect of leather combined with a delicate sheer Italian tulle. Styles create a build upon look allowing for options to be worn out. Teasing closures and openings allowing for a playful time in.

They are also launching their new website and collaborations soon. Their future vision involves making the world a sexier place on a global scale.

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